Before he shaved off his beard, one man did everything fun you could possibly do with a beard.

Don't worry. Basically all the rest of the photos are inside of a gaming store.

This is the story of a man with a beard. A big beard. He grew the beard out for months. Soon, it was a luxurious brown beard, the envy of everyone he knew. Everything was hunky-dory, until the man decided to shave the beard off. But first, he wanted to do everything he thought would be fun to do with a lot of facial hair.

So he braided it:

He looks like a Hasidic Jew who just babysat for a six-year-old girl.

And he put incense in it:

Anyone inside of his beard must have felt really, really relaxed by all that incense.

And he bleached it:

Don't feel bad. Our beard looks shitty in this weather too.

And then he let people dye it purple and pink:

We think the straw is so he could breathe?

This little girl thought it looked AWESOME.

And he took it for a swim and flipped it dramatically:

Remember when Pamela Anderson did this with her beard on Baywatch?

And then it was time to shave:

It's going to take forever to get that cotton candy out.

Sigh. Obligatory.


And then the caterpillar turned into a beautiful nerd. The end.

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