People who really should have checked the background of their photos before putting them online.

Just a long, curved toothbrush holder in case she needs to freshen up at the dance. (via)

Dildos. Tampons. Grandparents. Butts. What do these things have in common? They are often in the backgrounds of photos taken by people who leave their dildos, tampons, old people and naked butts out so often they didn't even notice that they were there. As more and more of our lives are captured in photos and videos, the risk of our embarrassing personal items/body parts continues to rise, until finally we'll be forced to hide all of our embarrassing things before we turn on our devices every morning because the world is one giant webcam. On the other hand, it won't be all bad because we'll get to look at everyone else's embarrasing stuff. Like these folks:

She should've checked her background in real life, as well. (via)

Ah. The romance of what is hopefully Europe. (via)

Either way, these two are exhibiting great teamwork. (via)

Sweater made me think bowling alley, but now I'm more worried 'cuz it looks like Denny's.

I'm more concerned about that old dude barging in like that. 

Apparently, the person who posted this had it on their fridge for years before noticing.

Updated 3/5/14:

Small and available beats huge and nonexistant. (via)

Sometimes even white linen suits could stand to be a little breezier. (via)

This is a brief way of summing up college. (via)

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