A woman forgot her wallet, so she gave her boyfriend who works in the same building the ultimate coupon.

We like to buy 13 bagels and keep them in the freezer. Just saying...

This coupon may have expired yesterday, but hopefully its image will inspire significant others everywhere to create their own oral sex coupons for things they could have just asked for anyway. According to the post on Reddit, the man who received this coupon works in the same building as his girlfriend, who forgot her wallet that day. Assuming the guy is not a total jerkwad, he probably would have just bought her a bagel, and she probably would have fellated him at some point in the near future, but isn't it so romantic when the two are combined like this? We're going to start giving them out, even if we don't have someone to share them with — maybe to the people we stare at longingly in the office: "Buy one coffee, good for me looking away right when you look at me 35 times a day." We can practically feel the sparks flying. 

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