A Starbucks employee wrote "vagina" on a customer's cup. She got upset.

Be careful with Virginias, they're sensitive and shouldn't be rubbed the wrong way.

So, a woman named Virginia walks into a Starbucks in Hong Kong and orders a tall coffee. Barista says "what's your name?" Woman says, "Virginia." Barista goes and makes the coffee and then writes "Vagina" on it. HA! That's one of our favorite jokes. It's also what happened yesterday in Hong Kong. Seems like kind of a minor incident, but Virginia's sister (yes, not Virginia herself) decided it was worth a rant on Starbucks Hong Kong's Facebook page, which then went viral:

Note, "cuppa" is not-American English for a cup of (cup of = cuppa) tea. Suspicious.

Listen up, Vitrola, or whatever your name is. Are you listening, Virgil's Aeneid? If you go to Starbucks, they're going to mess up your name. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but probably they'll do it on both days. People do speak English in Hong Kong, but we have a feeling that the Starbucks employees may be from mainland China or maybe don't speak or write English full-time. Or maybe they were being assholes. In any case, the picture is funny and her sister's dramatic overreaction is even better.

[ Via Kotaku, HongWrong ]
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