The most infuriating examples of rich spoiled brats on Facebook.

Going to TJ Maxx before you travel is like visiting the Third World twice!

Facebook is annoying enough with normal people bragging about their babies. But it's not as bad as when those babies grow up to post about how their Caribbean vacation sucked because they had to share a room at the Ritz with their sister. We're not saying there weren't always spoiled brats, but there was a time when they learned to keep that out of public view, and if they didn't, at least there wasn't a global network for them to broadcast how badly their parents have failed at grooming them. As awful as this would be to have on your own timeline, let this be your chance to get some rage out at these awful little rich kids.

I'm worried about what she's going to do if she has a baby that needs changing.

Was the father crying from the insults or the realization of who he has raised?

"Ugh, yeah, I'm being forced to rent a Ferrari until then."

He should definitely include this in his app descriptions on iTunes. 


Excuse me. I may not be on the guest list, but maybe my friend Queen Elizabeth II is?

Updated 4/02/13:

Never trust a dad not to pass on the "obnoxious little a-hole" gene.

Do they get to hang out with you in Vancouver or is it just for plane company?

It's funny because you only have the barest idea of what the real world is like.

"Ugh, parents. Springing Bahamas vacations on me like I didn't have other expensive plans."

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