33 Santa Claus photos more terrifying than a stranger climbing down your chimney in the middle of the night.

The acid's kicking in. (Via)

It's always unnerving to voluntarily seat your child on a stranger's lap, no matter how much mall security assures you of a clean background check. But these Santas seem to go that extra yard to be a parent's worst nightmare — and make the children wish they were born Jewish. Thank God Jesus isn't around to see these bearded weirdos — it would totally ruin his birthday.


It's like he's warning someone away with his eyes. (Via Littlebits Designs)


The kid's fine! Back away! (Via)


And that was the day Santa's face melted off onto a child. (Via)


A balloon's not going to cut it, Santa. You also have to drop the menacing snarl. (Via)


Don't worry, apathetic little girl! I HAVE ENOUGH CHEER FOR BOTH OF US! HOHOHOHOHO!


They have Christmas in hell? (via)


In the old days, stores saved cash by having sanitarium patients play Santa for free. (via)


Eli Roth presents, "Christmas." (via)


"Why do I get to decide who's naughty or nice? This is why, moron."

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