To honor a deceased father who loved "smart women" but hated cats, his daughter wrote him the best obituary in recent memory.

Our goal is to live a life that's one-tenth as cool as that of Harry Stamps.

The key to being remembered after you're gone is to do your best to be the kind of person people enjoy remembering. Based on how this extremely enjoyable 800+ word obituary written by his daughter has gone viral, the recently deceased Harry Stamps has pulled that off in spades. In paragraphs crammed full of his loves (deviled eggs, Hillary Clinton) and hates (every iteration of "Law & Order") the obituary paints a portrait of a man for men to emulate, and for women to be pissed that he died before they got a chance to date him. We have to get a move on now, to make sure our obituary ends up being more than just "his collection of social anxieties was rivaled in number only by the assortment of embarrassing websites he kept bookmarked." Choice excerpts below:

On the women in his life...

He was a man of many hobbies...

He was fashion-forward...

And he thought there was a special place in hell for TV detectives and people who made him change his clock...

Enjoy the full obit here.

[ Via, Gawker ]
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