Oprah tweets back at viewer who dared tweet something mean about Oprah.

If you really get Oprah mad, though, she can make you tell Twitter your darkest secrets.

Oprah Winfrey is a very rich and successful woman, and she didn't get that way by letting people just say whatever the hell they want about her. @kp1lady was apparently unimpressed with Oprah's appearance during her interview with Whitney Houston's appropriately crazy mom, but Oprah was more unimpressed with @kp1lady's delusion that she could make fun of the most powerful woman not running the State Department or England and get away with it. It has been widely reported that @kp1lady's profile shows her allegiance to #teamweezy and #teamiphone, although those didn't help her much against #teamoprahcanseeyou.

[ Via Gawker ]
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