The perfect way to react to people panicking about the apocalypse on Facebook.

Coming just under the wire, James wins 2012 Someecards Commenter Of The Year.

Think James is cruel? Wrong. Fact is, if the world does end tomorrow, Susan will have convinced Mamoru that there's nothing to worry about and it's okay to waste the last day of existence posting Facebook comments on Someecards. But even if the world doesn't end tomorrow, the point of these "Let's all pretend it's the apocalypse" events is to have fun imagining that in 24 hours no one will ever have to pay their bills or sit through Jack Reacher thanks to an asteroid or something. Should Mamoru be robbed of that fun just so Susan can brag about living near NASA, an agency so depressingly irrelevant that they spend their time responding to crackpot end-of-the-world prophecies while record-breaking space-jumps are now being executed under the authority of our nation's energy drinks? Listen to James, Mamoru. He's looking out for you.

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