The best pictures of people wearing Halloween costumes at work.

This is the least creepy Salad Fingers has ever looked.

Some people didn't wear costumes to work on Halloween. These people did. We're not here to pass judgment on who was right or wrong, we're just saying: these people wore Halloween costumes to work, and we liked it. It was fine that you didn't. You're just not in a blog post about people who wore Halloween costumes to work. Maybe that's something you should think about the next time you don't do something and then put pictures of it on the Internet. Because these folks did, and the world is just a little bit more full of funny pictures of people who wore Halloween costumes to work.

Attention younger readers: these are bank tellers. That's what the T stands for in ATM.

Orders will be taken. Spoils will be enjoyed. Drinks will be spilled.

Your stockroom is no match for my organizational style.


Help me, Doppler 3000, you're my only hope.


This makes me realize we never heard much about how Walt's students' grades were.

Yeah, if you could just keep dressing like this every day, that'd be great.


You laugh now, but soon this is going to be an ergonomics trend.


Don't ask him what he'll be sitting there doing when he's alone.

Am I the only one around here who cares about costume day?!

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