The 14 strangest attempts at sexy costumes in Halloween history.

Congratulations — you now want to bang one of your childhood heroes. Better hurry before Mitt Romney fires her.

Year after year, scores of women who are as attractive as they are uncreative use Halloween as a threadbare excuse to dress up as scantily clad cats, angels, nurses, devils, and other characters that easily lend themselves to ample cleavage and an infinite bar tab. But a select few have branched out from the run-of-the-mill pirate and maid brigade and wandered into far weirder — yet still bizarrely sexy — costume territory. Here are some outfits that make us question our own sanity while still giving us incredibly awkward erections.


This is what would happen if you took everything from a Hardee's commercial and put it in one of those teleporters from The Fly.




Nothing says "sexy" like complex carbohydrates.


"I'm available to fulfill all of your weirdest and most inappropriate Toy Story 2 fantasies."

The only MSG you'll be getting from her is a text that says "Leave me alone."


She's the woman of your dreams. Dreams in which you are brutally murdered.


This is the only time in history you might get away with saying "Very nice, how much?" (Though you still deserve to be slapped.) 


The "Words With Friends" costume is similar, but comes with a toilet.


Sorry — we hear they're mostly interested in each other.

[ Via Zaxy, Yandy ]
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