The 15 most creative, bootleg, and probably dangerous ways people are staying cool this summer.

The house comes with a moving-above-ground pool. (via)

As we type this from the chilly confines of the Happy Place Company Meat Locker, we understand that things might be a little less comfortable wherever you are in this sweltering human oven we call a planet. So here are 15 dangerously jury-rigged methods of beating the heat to make you a little more thankful for comparatively less-crappy air conditioning. Check them out before your laptop screen melts before your eyes.

The effort spent making this could have been spent earning money to buy a new a/c unit. (via)

Why build a pool with a tractor when your tractor is already a pool? (via)

Kiddie pool or giant spoiler? (via)

The dog rigged this up himself. (via)

They didn't have to use different colors, but they wanted it to look nice. (via)

Warm beer is for the dogs. (via)

We're so glad we're not on that family vacation. (via)

Updated 6/22/12:

Not the most aerodynamic car, but it doubles as a boat. (via)


Yes, you want to bring all the hot air down from the ceiling...or something. (via)

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