The most awkward and ineffective come-ons ever posted on Facebook.

No better way to woo a lover than to call them "braahh."

Don't judge! Face-to-face human interaction has been dead since 2008. How else are we supposed to find love anymore, if not by posting and messaging each other a list of all the stuff we'd like to do to each other? Of course, sometimes your Facebook friends can get a little over-eager, maybe a little too excited to discuss their own anatomy, and that's when they end up on this list celebrating Facebook users trying to establish a romantic connection with no regard for their own dignity.


Can't imagine why.


Eventually every woman gets sick of the toy boys and wants to meet a toy man. (via)


"Super cute slut" is exactly what he was going for! Those Kmart glamour shots paid off! (via)


Before the Internet, them titties could only be snail-mailed. #miracles (via)


Updated 2/9/14:

They always lose interest the minute you take off the zombie makeup.


I thought posting Happy Bday on his wall was enough. This is getting out of hand.


He's going to regret this when she starts hitting on his friends. (Via)


Dammit. Fell in love again. Stupid literacy!


Girls love a gentleman who respects their fragile insecurity.

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