Couples who got matching tattoos they hopefully won't one day regret.

They did it for Valentine's Day. Who needs chocolate when you have scalp Legos? (Via)

We're not cynical about love. We're realistic. Love isn't permanent. It should be allowed to grow, to change, and yes, even to die. The minute you try to pin love down with a crappy matching tattoo of half a heart on your and your lover's left buttock, love senses you're taking it for granted and it starts planning its escape. These couples made that mistake, forgetting that love fades far more quickly than ink. Hopefully they're the lucky ones who will never have to laser off evidence of a bad breakup. If you're still thinking of getting a couples tattoo, you might get some good ideas from this list, but we implore you to please check the current divorce statstics before you and your beloved go under the needle.


If only the text on the lock read "Longlegs." (Via)


Another Valentine's Day one. Hey, whatever's most important to your relationship. (Via)


When she wants to break up, she'll get "SS" inked on her other arm. (Via)


They bonded over their shared love of bowel movements. (Via)


Updated 1/20/14:

Yeah, it's a good bet that you two don't really need the tats to let folks know. (Via)


Together, we are the very notion of imprisonment. (Via)


Aw. Way sweeter than the couple's "Buffalo Soldier" tattoo. (Via)


Salt and pepper. Not a pair of condoms with the intials "S" and "P." Get it right.  (Via)


Updated 10/24/13:

Hastily. They love hastily. (via)


Whoah! Do you love each other or 70's prog rock album cover design? (via)

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