The 7 most humiliating instances of people caught having sex in public.

This Memphis police officer incriminated himself by inadvertently broadcasting the entire incident over the police scanner. No word on whether he called for back-up.

These stories are proof that the excitement of getting laid in a public place isn't always worth the minute and a half of pleasure (or, if you're some hot-shot showoff, two minutes). They're also great examples of why we prefer to have sex the old-fashioned way: indoors, on a bed, shades drawn, with just us, our partner, three or four consenting friends, a video camera, an inflatable giraffe, and three gallons of honey.


The school should either expel them immediately or give them both scholarships.


Geez, guys, get a room. Preferably not a classroom.


Remember to always stretch before and after you pursue the person who rightfully asked you to not screw in the park.


She had sex on top of a castle? That's leadership potential if we've ever heard it.


At least he was honest. 


Ah, the old my-prostitute-transformed-into-a-barnyard-animal defense. That's Law School 101, Moyo.

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