Eight instances of American presidents being horribly misidentified in public.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of Funkalicious Beats

With the way these guys get switched up every four to eight years, it can be hard to keep track of who's who. While most of these cases of executive branch mistaken identity are the result of typos or misplacement of a file photo, they are nonetheless so egregious most people would be able to spot the error if they were driving past it in a speeding motorcade. Which makes one wonder, are these accidental, are they the result of true ignorance, or... are our presidents not really who they say they are?


Now if we can just get Obama a role in MIB 3.


Someone at NPR was typing fast. Obama looks hurt.


Romney's best shot at getting elected.


Someone at Fox was typing fast... and accidentally wrote what they were thinking.


Senior moment? Or simply a moment of honesty?


One shouldn't be blamed for thinking W is still involved in the current adminstration.


And for good measure, a former first lady enjoys perhaps the most wonderful mistaken identity of them all.

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