The most painfully obvious spelling and grammar mistakes ever seen in tattoos.

Sorry, but you fail the exam for your poetic license. (via)

You'd think people wouldn't sit in a chair and have permanent ink embedded in their skin without making absolutely, positively certain every letter of it was correct — but if you'd think, you wouldn't be these people. Part of us wishes every tattoo parlor could be immediately outfitted with a Dictionary, an AP Stylebook, and an up-to-date copy of Strunk and White's Elements of Style. But the other part of us knows that would deprive us of photos like these. If you've seen any egregious tattoo typos or, God forbid, have one of your own, please send it to us for our continued amusement.

It's sad that we're impressed your spelling mistake is easily fixed. (via)


Seems like something you could have just put in a card. (via)

She has a presh and pun look. (via)

My dad is my isosceles triangle. (via)

Good thing you're someone who can see the silver lining. (via)

Updated 1/16/14:

Took us a while to catch it, but luckily we were in no danger of the mistake going away. (via)


Uh oh. Your tattoo has a spelling mistake and also sucks. (via)


The best place for a spelling mistake is somewhere you can grow hair over. (via)


Fine, just stop breath-ing so loud! (via)

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