41 hilariously disturbing snowmen we hope never come to life.

Winter Is Coming To Get You

With last night's wintry assault, much of America has been turned into an idyllic winter wonderland. That is, until you drive past one of these houses and suddenly find yourself explaining to your 5-year-old why Frosty is spurting blood from an empty eye socket, being torn limb from limb, or contemplating the utter pointlessness of his own existence.

The Atominical Snowman

270-degrees-Kelvin and Hobbes Snowman


There's Always A Few Who Can't Survive The First Snowmester

Going Frostal

GABTL - Gym, Anything But Tanning, Lawn.

Xeno-snowbia. Yep. Xenosnowbia.

Apparently this already has a title: The Unfortunate Sneeze. Could really use a snow pun.

Snow-Puft Marshmelsnow Man (with a Michelin Man stomach)

Candy-Cain and Snowbel

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