6 new contenders for the single most entertaining note ever written by a roommate.

Mistakes are life's tasty lessons. (via)

Whether you're in your post-college years or your mid-forties and sleeping in your old room at your parents' house, the roommate situation is a hotbed of hostility and spoiled food-borne illness. Eventually, the unwashed dishes and random pubic hair discoveries become too much to bear, and accusations and apologies are exchanged in pointed, often wonderfully clever notes. Here are some of our favorites that reveal way too much about the gross ways in which non-sex-having humans tend to co-habitate.

"Why yes, toilet paper roll, I -- dammit!" (via)

The old "How to Get Your New Roommate Naked with a Spider Note" trick. (via)

"Ew, ew, Captain." (via)

Good luck with that auto-erotic asphyxiation. (via)

TL;DR already packing my stuff. (via)

Updated 4/04/14

I guess the short answer is "maybe?" (via)

Great weed. Bad idea. (via)

You would, dick head. (via)

"Who's been slut-shaming my soda?" (via)

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