The 15 most white trash Christmas trees in existence.

The Friendly Fire Hazard Tree

Ever feel like you're putting way too much money, time, energy and thought into a dead indoor plant? With the economy still in shambles, now's the time to drastically downgrade your holiday spirit. As you can see by these horrifyingly creative examples, this year's Christmas tree doesn't even need to be an actual tree. Take a cue from our cousins twice removed whom we don't talk about very much because of that thing where Paul accidentally shot Sarah at the family BBQ, and consider these fun, bare-bones tree ideas!


The "Our Favorite Reindeer Are Vittles 'N Fixins" Tree

The "I Don't Have To Take It Down If I Never Bring It Inside" Tree

The Classy Look-How-Much-Wine-We-Drank-In-November Tree

The South Will Rise Again And Then Probably Catch on Fire Again Tree

The "And All Through The House Not A Creature Was Stirring Because They're Dead" Tree

Monster Truck Demolition Tree

Highly Caffeinated and Recyclable Tree

The Leave-A-Gift Under The Seat Tree


Fairly Standard Whisky-Swilling Stuffed Bear With Horn Tree

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