60 of our favorite brutally honest cake inscriptions.

 Those other sperm spent too much time watching TV back in the ballsack.

Cakes are the prerequisite celebration dessert for birthdays, graduations, weddings, and prison homecomings. But according to the inscriptions on these cakes, they're also handy for smoothing over humiliating situations, commemorating bizarre accomplishments, and expressing your own debilitating laziness and/or crippling depression. So the next time you need to tell the love of your life that those bumps aren't ingrown hairs, take a cue from these people and say it in icing.

We want to be given one of these every single morning.


Is that a happy, waving penis in your pocket who is happy to see me?


This is what you get when you're an adult who requests a Star Wars birthday cake.


The gummy bear revolution will not be undelicious.


So many mixed messages!

Updated 6/14/13:

This was something a boyfriend got his lady for her 29th. All class.


Looks more like a french fries cup than a bag, but hey, as long as there's tasty dicks, right?

Someone found their friend's selfie, and now we kind of want to boldly explore that cake.


The perfect cake to get a monster you created from reanimated body parts.

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