The most enjoyably hostile examples of the Twilight series being mocked in public.

Vampires and werewolves I'll believe, just make sure their boners are convincing.

The Twilight films coming to an end is bittersweet. We're excited to go back to a world where abstinence education is no longer sneakily taught by vampires and werewolves, but is forcefed by public school teachers the way God wants it. But we'll miss the anti-Twilight vitriol inspired by the (possibly not entirely warranted) blind hatred people have for this series of poorly written books and their unwatchable film counterparts. Let's kiss the series goodbye with a look back at some of our favorite public excoriations of the saga of sparkles and shirtlessness.


Still way more mature than the clerk who labeled them "Sci Fi & Fartstasy"

Although they can also be killed by super strong emotions.

Silly sign! In Twilight, gays are fictional monsters and sex is for marriage!

Some believe Stephanie Meyer and Dan Brown are actually a Vampire Vatican conspiracy.

Face it, most ladies would take that husband over a straight guy.

I guess someone's on "Team Ann Rice"


Actually, even Edward was on Team Gryffindor, when he was named Cedric Diggory. 


"Well, now my balls are gone and this movie still sucks."


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