6 new contenders for the hugest drama queen on Facebook.


Updated 11/11/13:

Betting that 1 thing might be "LMS IF YOU'LL TAKE ME BACK!!!!"


You made it home alive! Make sure to take your knife if you go to the bathroom to brush before bed.


I don't mean to complain, but man those complainers are something!


So, you just said you hope you die soon. You know that right?


The news is always full of #Sundayfails. Why not report on some #Sundaysuccesses?


Only certain Tims make me cry. Tiny Tim. Tim Allen. Tim Tebow.


Updated 10/21/13:

Cool. Thanks for sharing! *UNFRIEND*


Someone screencapped their "I trusted you" status and made fun of it on the Internet?


Gonna have to be a lil' more specific. Lot of bad shit going down lately.


Let's keep Facebook away from famine victims, cool? They don't need to read this.

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