6 new contenders for the hugest drama queen on Facebook.

Poor thing. Why can't the wealthy ever catch a break! (via)

Oh come on! We know it shouldn't be a shock that there are drama queens on Facebook, but these infuriating users are are becoming a scourge, making the world's most self-absorbed medium even less tolerable with every intentionally cryptic, overwrought status update. Everyone has at least ten friends like this who constantly court concern with updates about how "you" broke my heart and now "life just isn't worth living," and they know they can get a dozen comments from their gullible, similarly theatrical friends by typing nothing more than a simple "Ugh!" The crybabies included here are just a small sampling of a growing Facebook population that must be stopped! (Sorry if we got a little over-dramatic at the end there.)


The suicide rate among dumb Gods has been skyrocketing. (Via)


And if you visit my Tumblr you can find out how to make amends. (Via)


Fine. I'll say it. Your statuses are way too vague. (Via)


Sometimes a whiny rant is also a cry for help.


How can I get on that list?


Updated 3/17/14:

We hurt the ones who try to help.


Someone besides the ex. Include the fine print and you won't need follow-ups.


Sometimes, the tale time tells is a real bummer. (via Rachael T.)


Hopefully the one that's "worse" [sic] your tears will make you cry by correcting your typos.

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