The most inappropriate Halloween costumes of all time.

There's an adult costume that goes with it called "Terrible Parent."

These costumes cross the line of decency even for the open-air slutfest that Halloween has come to be. Based on these get-ups, a good Halloween costume is one that either simulates some form of sexual depravity, or presents a lighthearted recollection of a particularly tragic moment in history. Remember, if your friends aren't ashamed to be seen with you, you didn't try hard enough.

Good thing he's prepared to run. He's going to need to be.


Why don't you and the Boston Marathon guy hang out until poetic justice finds you?


I think those creepy overalls are framing this dress for baby-murder.

Head's up! A little NSFW ahead, but just for one picture, so scroll really fast if you are at work. It's not great. I've really built it up way too much at this point.

Much like an elephant, this I will never forget.

Updated 10/23/13:

Internet memes: the only thing less cool than pedophilia.

The James Holmes Mask: for insensitive losers tired of going as Casey Anthony.

Dick jokes aside, why are they at the starting gate of a horse track?

Depicting Jackie O as crosseyed is incredibly offensive.

Total Recall meets Walking Dead meets Shock Value Is Overrated And Now I'm Bored.

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