6 new contenders for the most outstanding comment ever left on a Facebook photo.


Can we just switch our order to the spaghetti? If no one's had sex in it?


Even the cat looks angry that someone brought Blue Moon.


It's cool. He has a vagina underneath his left knee.


Updated 1/23/13:

They're lucky he didn't just tie pistols to their feet.


Game of Thrones is bound to use this as a plot-point eventually.


She should end it with him. He clearly wishes he was dating Spider-Man.


The best way to stop forest fires is with a crapload of "likes."


Just having a pet dolphin would be enough for us. Or an Xbox, for that matter.


What would humans and ducks ally against? Swans?


Updated 12/17/12:

Wrong. It's a framed picture of a mirror being photobombed by a ceiling fan.

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