6 new contenders for the most outstanding comment ever left on a Facebook photo.

I'm guessing this is the last time anyone makes the mistake of trusting you. (via)

At this point there isn't a moment of human experience that isn't photographed and instantly uploaded to Facebook for all to share. Life is contained in the Facebook photo albums now, so when you comment on a Facebook photo you're essentially commenting on life itself. You can choose to resignedly click "Like" on life like so many over-medicated cult members who are lying to themselves. Or you can do like the commenters gathered here, who deserve awards for their attention to detail and their willingness to turn a glimpse of another person's existence into something we can all laugh at.

I dunno, $20 still seems like a good deal. (via)


Sure, it says Police Call Box on the outside, but on the inside...it's a port-a-potty. (via)


Well, that seems irrelevant, but good to know. (via)


Nope, not what that means. 


"Yeah, yeah, I'm overattached. So tell me again how you love me." (via)

Updated 3/4/14: 

Lookin' good, Kurt! (via)


All the rest have 31, except February which has 52. (via)

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