6 new contenders for the single most enjoyable note ever written by a coworker.

Thanks! How about an aisle traffic report? (via)

Adults are basically just children who've grown fat, watched their dreams die, and learned to shrink from confrontation. So it follows that the modern workplace is just as petty and territorial as your typical elementary school playground, except there's a lot less spitting and hair-pulling, and a lot more bitchy note-writing. The most successful workplace notes strive to entertain just as much as they impolitely advise and chastise, and the notes collected here are some of the best of the medium.

And productivity is down. (via)


This must not be the first time the pot was left empty. (via)


"Yes! I can do this!" (via)


This is the storyboard for Taken 9: Office Hijinks. (via)


Two weeks later I bet it's still sitting there. (via)

Updated 4/16/14

"You mean the one with the reindeers and all the fingerprints?" (via)


Also good for sending passive aggressive messages to grimy coworkers. (via)


Whether it's toilet seats or soup, no one likes a cold bowl. (via)


As an optimist, I'm guessing cupcake. (via)

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