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  • Stone Cold Steve Austin went on a spectacular rant in support of gay marriage.

    posted yesterday

    Stone Cold can be soft and warm. (Getty)

    Last year on his podcast, WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin went on a fiery, NSFW rant in support of gay marriage that's equal parts intense and humorous. Maybe the most interesting thing about it, though, is that one of the biggest, baddest wrestlers in the pretend wrestling game loudly gave his support to same-sex marriage and it went largely unnoticed for several months. Which makes sense, in that it shouldn’t be a big deal, and probably wouldn't be if he also didn't take a folding chair to the skull of gay marriage opponents who claim to have God is on their side:


    [ Via UPROXX ]
  • This interactive map pretty much has everything that happens in Game of Thrones (show and books).

    posted yesterday

    Show that dubious significant other that it's not that complicated...honestly. 

    What do you get when you combine the Google Maps API and an obsessive level of detail to the world of both the A Song of Ice and Fire book series and its HBO adaptation Game of Thrones? You get, a great way to lose a large amount of time reliving (and redying) your favorite characters story arcs, as told by the GPS trails of the characters as you scroll forward through chapters or episodes. It can get pretty sad, though, when a little skull pops up and the line stops moving.

  • Some guy kidnapped himself to get a $200 ransom, but his mom refused to pay.

    posted yesterday

    A face only a mother could not pay $200 for.

    A 25-year-old Tennessee man had a problem: He needed $200. Probably for heroin. But I don't like being judgey; maybe it was for something else. Like meth or OxyContin. The important thing is that he needed the money. So, Zachery Lodgson came up with a plan for acquiring it. The kind of ingenious scheme only a criminal mastermind of the highest order could devise.

    Putting his devilish gambit into action, Lodgson cleverly sent a text message to his mother, telling her he was being held hostage by his drug dealer. He would be killed, he informed her, if she did not produce the kingly ransom of two hundred American dollars.

    Unfortunately, what Lodgson had somehow forgotten was that he'd tried pretty much the same thing in the past. Probably why the idea came to him so easily this time. His mother, knowing that he's a drug addict—and an uncreative one at that—called the police and had them meet him at the drop-off point. Which they did. So no, Lodgson did not get the $200. But what he did get was arrested. He's currently being held for $3,500 bail. But I'll bet you he has a plan for how he can come up with it.

    (by Dennis DiClaudio)

  • A guy posted a profile pic of himself hula dancing, then everyone broke out photoshopping.

    posted yesterday

    In danger of getting un-lei'd. (via)

    These days, you have to be careful, because you never know when a photoshop battle is going to break out. The latest one erupted when redditor revolver925 posted a photo of himself dancing with a hula girl at college admissions event he attended. A friend of his thought the picture was funny, just not quite funny enough, so he opened up photoshop and digitally plopped his friend into a few images.

    The guy got a kick out of the pics and decided to share them with reddit, who collectively decided the photos still weren't quite funny enough, so they pitched in with their own 'shopping skills and finished the job.

    [ Via Reddit ]
  • Today in sexism: The only woman in GameStop's senior management is a fictional adventure lady with huge breasts.

    posted yesterday

    The look on Robert A. Lloyd's face makes me pretty sure he did this. (via Gamestop)

    Although Lara Croft (of Tomb Raider fame) has apparently been a member of the GameStop executive team since at least December, this amusing in-joke wasn't widely known until Valleywag spotted it yesterday. By itself, there's nothing wrong with the idea of whimsically putting a popular video game character on your list of executive officers—and once you're hiring fictional execs, I would certainly like it to be equal-opportunity.

    That being said, if the closest thing you have to a diversity program is your fictional video game coworker...maybe save the charming antics until after you've hired an actual woman so you don't look like a bunch of 13-year-olds who think boobs are hilarious. Huge, digitally-rendered boobs (they've toned them down a fair amount, though).

    No one's saying you don't have a strong resume. Now, about your open wounds... (via Gamestop)

    Lara Croft has always been controversial; she's both a female heroine in a genre notably devoid of them and simultaneously a symbol for the industry's adolescent fascination with absurdly-proportioned and poorly-armored females. I don't think any of this is a reason she wouldn't make a great Vice President, I just think maybe give it to a human lady who got hired for her education and job experience first. (There are two human women on the board, though.)

    (by Johnny McNulty)

  • A kidnapped 9-year-old sang a gospel song for hours until his kidnapper couldn't take it anymore and let him go.

    posted yesterday

    Can't a kidnapper get some peace and quiet? (screengrab via WXIA)

    If you don't believe in the power of prayer, this story will at least make you believe in the power of being really, really annoying.

    A few weeks ago, 9-year-old Willie Myrick was lured away from his house in Atlanta with cash planted there by a stranger. The man grabbed Myrick and threw him into his car. For the next three hours, the unidentified man drove the frightened Myrick around, and the little boy sang the gospel song "Every Praise" over. And over. And over again.

    [ Via Metro UK, WXIA ]
  • Every single F-word from 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' (except one).

    posted yesterday

    Fascinating filmic fashioning.

    For the life of me, I cannot call forth the facilities to fathom what sort of fellow would fancy a freakishly formidable function such as have found before us. To fashion together the full amount of all F-sounding phrases from The Wolf of Wall Street into this fairly fleeting, funny and fanciful affair feels at first to be an overly fastidious fool's effort. And yet I fear I would find myself fairly forsaken if I had not found this phenomenally far-out film on this fine afternoon.

    For your information, the word "f--k" is not phonetically fired-off at all. Therefore, this can be specified as Safe For Offices.

    (by Dennis DiClaudio)

  • Saudi bros changing the tires of a moving car is the most idiotically exciting thing you'll see all day.

    posted yesterday

    If Pep Boys made an action movie. 

    Young men with too much time on their hands will usually fill the gaps in their day-planner by doing crazy, potentially deadly stunts. It's kind of their unnofficial job. Throw a bunch of money into the mix and you get videos like this one, featuring a bunch of Saudi bros risking their lives to change the tires on a moving SUV on a public road. A few questions:

    1. Why?

    2. Why isn't the back tire moving? Is it a rare one-wheel drive SUV, or did they actually have the vehicle modified in order to pull off this stunt? Which leads us back to question #1.

    3. Isn't Saudi Arabia the country famous for banning female drivers? Yes! (thanks, Google) I always suspected that there was more to that ban that purely religious reasons. Now I'm convinced it's to free up the roads for Saudi bros and their crazy car stunts

    (by Jonathan Corbett)

    [ Via Pleated Jeans ]
  • 7 ways to reach out to your ex-boyfriend on his birthday.

    posted yesterday

    Why do our exes' birthdays make us feel like we have to do something? Maybe we feel a sense of obligation to continue the charade of post-relationship friendship. Maybe birthdays make us reflect on how quickly life is passing us by and regret all the horrible things we never got to say. Maybe we just want to ruin our ex's day by reminding him we exist. Maybe we think this would be an excellent opportunity to get laid.

    Or maybe it's a little of all of those that drives us to choose one of these 7 options for reaching out to your ex-boyfriend on his birthday:

    1. The casual text.

    The goal: Prove you're over him.

    The ideal casual birthday text should be so breezy it hurts. The emotional implication of your one-sentence, abbreviation-filled text message is that you barely even remember being in a relationship with this person. It could be anyone's birthday today—an old college acquaintance, an elderly aunt, your UPS guy—and you'd be equally pumped for them.

  • 5 Things You Should At Least Pretend To Know Today - April 23, 2014

    posted yesterday

    Justin Bieber is very sorry for something he kind of understands, David Letterman plays nice with Stephen Colbert, the Peoria mayor exercises his kingly rights, and more...